Located in Liberty Village, Our State-of-the-Art Toronto Club Boasts 4,000 square feet Dedicated to Experiential Wellness


Detoxify and relax in our bespoke 55-person dry sauna. Enhance your experience by utilizing specialized equipment to stretch and soothe sore muscles in temperatures up to 90°C.

Ice Chamber

Test your limits in our customized commercial-grade ice baths at temperatures ranging between 0-4°C. Complement your experience with curated sound immersion tools to hone your focus during your ice bath.


A unique social gathering space with complimentary tea bar. Unwind during an Open Journey, re-connect with friends during a social night, or share your recovery routine with likeminded members, guests, and our world-class coaches.

Remedy Hub

Reset, rejuvenate and move, in our multifaceted space focused on injury prevention, physical wellbeing, and mental recovery.